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Probable Biggest Steals from The 2023 NFL Draft

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There are a lot of stories and news about the NFL after each draft, but we won’t know which picks were good or bad until a few years later. Let’s take a look at some of the 2023 draft picks that we think were taken too low and will turn out to be stars of the future.

1. Christian Gonzalez

No. 17 overall

Standing at 6’ 1″ & Weighs 200 lbs


Club & Pos.: CB, New England Patriots

When almost everyone’s big board has a player in the top 10, and some even have him in the top 5, and he falls to No. 17, you can bet that it will be seen as a steal. Bill Belichick, the legendary general manager of the Patriots, has not always had great drafts. Some NFL rumors, including mine, say that he suffers from “smartest guy in the room” syndrome because he will daltontake an expected fourth-round pick in the first round if he thinks that player is “his guy.”

Cole Strange, a guard from an FCS school (Chattanooga), was picked with the 29th pick in the 2022 draft. This is a very strange choice. In his first year, he played like a fourth-round pick who cost a first-round pick, but Christian Gonzalez, a safety from Oregon, is the exact opposite.

Last season, the kid had 50 stops, 11 passes defended, seven passes broken up, and four picks for the Ducks. This season, he will be part of a very strong secondary for the Patriots. He’s one of the best options to keep an eye on if you are one of the few that’s considering to bet on nfl games online.

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2. Michael Mayer

No. 35 overall

Standing at 6’ 4” & Weighs 265 lbs.

Notre Dame

Club & Pos.: TE, Las Vegas Raiders

Okay, this might not be grand theft larceny because we’re talking about a tight end who goes in the second round instead of the first, but it’s definitely stealing.

Michael Mayer was thought to be one of the two best tight ends in the draft. If he had gone at No. 25, where Dalton Kincaid (TE, Utah) was taken, no one would have batted an eye.

If you read the NFL news, you may learn that Mayer was the straw that mixed the drink for Notre Dame’s offense last season and was targeted more than any other tight end in college football. He also had an FBS-best 92.5 PFF grade and caught 67 passes for 809 yards and nine touchdowns.

3. Dawand Jones

No. 111 overall

Standing at 6′ 8″ & Weighs 374 lbs.

Ohio State

Club & Pos.: OT, Cleveland Browns

Dawand Jones is such a terrible person that he can steal my lunch money any day of the week. He can run block, pass block, and in between eat a bag of popcorn. Some people say he was born to be a swing tackle, but he’s always been a blindside guardian.

He is not aiming for anything else but to start on the offensive line for the Browns next season. Cleveland got a steal in the fourth round, and they didn’t even have to leave the state to find him. He was the big Ohio State player in the trenches defending C.J. Stroud’s golden arm.

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4. Kayshon Bouttole

No. 187 overall

Standing at 5′ 11″ Weighs 195 lbs.


Club & Pos.: WR, New England Patriots

Most of the time, it’s best for young players who are showing promise to stay in school for another year to add to their stats and grow into better prospects. Too often, kids are excited about the chance to become famous and rich in the NFL, only to be picked late in the draft or not picked at all. Come on down, Kayshon Boutte. This young man would have done well to play as a senior.

Boutte’s choice to leave college a year early may not have been good for his finances, but it did help the Patriots get him for a much lower price than anyone thought he would go for before last year’s college football season. Let my friend Mel Kiper talk about this up-and-coming player.

5. Zach Evans

No. 215 overall

Standing at 5′ 11″ Weighs 202 lbs.

From: Ole Miss

Club & Pos.: RB, LA Rams

The Rams made an under-the-radar selection in the sixth round by picking Evans, but don’t be surprised if he gives Cam Akers a tough competition.

Standing at 5’11” and being a junior, Evans made a move from Texas Tech to Ole Miss for a year. During his time at Ole Miss, he played in the highly competitive SEC, known for producing NFL talent. In the previous season, Evans impressed with 936 rushing yards and nine touchdowns. His highlight reel showcases his ability to absorb hard hits and keep moving forward.

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The acquisition of Zach Evans by the LA Rams proves to be a valuable pick, ensuring a promising future. For those interested in NFL futures betting, Evans is a player worth keeping an eye on as he continues to ascend towards a professional level.

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