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PS Plus: All PS4 and PS5 games shown in September 2021

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Just like Microsoft and Games with goldSony offers a monthly list of “free” games, offered to subscribers of its paid service PlayStation Plus (also called PS Plus or PS +), that also allows online play and access to exclusive content and special promotions in some games. However, once your subscription expires, you will no longer be able to play these free titles unless you purchase them or subscribe again.

PS Plus September 2021: Foodie or a ruthless killer, the choice is yours

In September, Sony invited players to put their culinary skills to good use Overcooked! All you can eat. In this title developed by Ghost Town Games, the title introduces the players to the role of the chef responsible for preparing the dishes ordered by the customers of the restaurant. In order to achieve this, they must work as a team to prepare the dishes, decorate them, but also to wash the dishes. To add a little spice, the developers have also incorporated various traps and obstacles, which require impeccable coordination and organization. A little clarification: the title is only available to PS5 players.

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