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P’tit Belliveau steals the show at FestiVoix

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Alan Binder
Alan Binder
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What kind of music are you asking me about, P’tit Belliveau? It’s not country, nor traditional, nor bluegrass, nor rock, nor punk…but all at the same time. Indeed, it is P’tit Belliveau: unclassifiable, unique and absolutely irresistible.

He wears his Baye-Saint Marie shirt in Nova Scotia, as Fred Pelerin wears his Saint-Ely de Caxton shirt. His songs tell of his daily life deeply rooted in his rural community. In interviews, he said that people identify themselves in his songs. Sometimes I test things out and tell myself it has to be a global thing. I think we overestimated the differences between one and the other. For me it is important to make people realize how much We are all the samesame little monkeys.

Even if some of his words sometimes escape us because they are difficult to understand, there is no need to worry, promises P’tit Belliveau. At the end of the show, we’ll be Fluently together. The worst is in the end, when we go out for a beer together, we find a way to understand each other.

To attend the P’tit Belliveau show is to receive a smile from ear to ear throughout the evening. Don’t bother if you don’t know all his repertoire, all of his songs lead us into action-dancing fun…we even tried to get into a crowded hole! yes! yes! In the intimate scene of the old prison. It must be said that he gave us a funny cover of the song Papa Roach Last Resort.

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It offers us a showcase of the power of metal, the punk energy and sense of humor of someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

As if that wasn’t enough, the crowd sang out loud I feel like a foreigner, I wish I had John Deere and basic Income tax returns.

Yes, Betty Bellevue, you made us a stranger sing tonight. We hope you liked Trois-Rivières, because we want to see you again.

Rapper Aswell gave a solid performance at FestiVoix.

Photo: FestiVoix / Cyrille Farré

touching scene

The Big River Theater hosted Web Stars. The number of people who came to see them shows well their level of popularity. Prior to the lead performance, Alicia Moffett, it was Belch and rapper Aswell who performed the first part.

Aswell, who made himself known thanks to the Tiktok platform, also put on a rather impressive performance to find himself head-on among the audience, downstage on several occasions, and didn’t hesitate to raise the microphone for his fans to sing along. with him.

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