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Qualcomm introduces the first 5G modem powered by artificial intelligence

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In addition to Wi-Fi 7 coming to the platform Speed ​​dial 7800One of Qualcomm’s groundbreaking new launches at MWC Barcelona this year is the X70 5G modem, which can reach a theoretical peak of 10Gbps in download speed. It is intended to accompany the platform Snapdragon 8 first generation It was unveiled last December. The peculiarity of this modem is the inclusion of an artificial intelligence processor for the first time.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, the modem will be able to anticipate its environment through learning‘, explains Jean Faraldi, General Manager of Qualcomm France.

So far, the modem has been listening to its environment and then adapting. From now on, it is immediately aware of the context such as the traffic situation or the position of the smartphone thanks to the information captured by the antennas. This allows it to optimize flows using algorithms based on different models including urban density or more or less vegetation, for example.

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This allows it to increase average data rates in challenging radio situations. This is the case when one finds themselves at the limit of a base station signal or on a high-speed train, for example. Qualcomm promises 30% throughput and better coverage.

It’s an almost symbolic first step that opens up a lot of future possibilities. Jan Faraldi says.

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