Quebec ‘bashing’: a relatively unimportant topic in the rest of Canada

The Canadian Studies Association revealed last week that the criticism and attacks on Quebec, which Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently described as “bashing,” is not a big topic for the rest of Canada.

This Liger investigation shows that 61% of Quebec respondents consider Quebec ‘bashing’ an important topic. 25% thought the opposite and 14% abstained.

In the other provinces, 44% of Canadians said they did not care about the issue, compared to 33% who saw the debate as important. Also, 23 percent of respondents from outside Quebec declined to comment on the question.

In March, the words of University of Ottawa professor Amir Attran shocked residents of La Belle County. On Twitter, he called Quebec “Alabama de Nord” and described Prime Minister Francois Legault as a “white fanatic”.

“As a Quebecer, I always feel sorry when people try to post horrific remarks to piss them off, to get a little publicity. We’ll always be there to advocate for free speech, but I think it will, Quebec bashing.” Mr. Trudeau reacted at a press conference. .

When it comes to freedom of expression, Kebikers are the most favored in the country for imposing certain restrictions. About 70% of Labelle County respondents said they agree that there are “limits to freedom of expression and excessive criticism of anyone should not be tolerated”. Only 25% said that freedom of expression permits all forms of criticism for anyone.

On average in the country, 59% of people surveyed supported placing restrictions on freedom of expression while 33% believed freedom of expression should not be hindered.

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This survey was conducted among 1,523 Canadians from March 26-28.

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