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Quebec is in no hurry to return civil servants to the office

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(In an internal memo issued on Friday and obtained by Radio Canada, Treasury Board Secretariat)SCTHe made his intentions a little more clear about loosening the accounts of state employees.

For public service, regardless of color level: remote work remains mandatory until further notice, Determines the note signed by a secretary SCTEric Ducharme.

Prime Minister Legault presented his government’s plan for liquidation on May 18th (Archive).

Photo: Canadian Press / Jacques Boiseno

Only people who have to carry out activities considered priority and that cannot be done through remote work will have the right to return to their offices.

The end of color levels has been announced

Responsible returns can only begin after color levels have been removed.

According to the main stages of liquidation introduced by the government, this may coincide with the end of August, Mister Ducharme identifies.

However, the dismantlement plan stipulates that the Quebec regions will practically move to the green level by the end of June. This means that remote work will not be mandatory anymore.

Infographic representing the four levels of Regional Alert and Progressive Intervention, separated by green, yellow, orange and red.

The 4-level regional alerts and progressive intervention system could be withdrawn at the end of August (archive).

Photo: Government of Quebec

However, the government appears determined to take its time. The return in person will be done gradually, in stages, and You will integrate remote work practice into mixed mode.

However, Quebec does do some relaxation with the workplaces located in the yellow zone and in the green It can be available for employees who are facing issues related to the work environment, physical and psychological health, or remote work.

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Avoid service outages

The president of the Professional Union of Quebec Government (SPGQ), Line Lamari, salutes the will SCT To go slowly. It sees this as a guarantee of continuity of services provided to the population.

There are materials that were taken from the office and brought home: computer towers, printers, etc. We have to slowly bring him back to the office. No one can take the elevator tomorrow morning with their gear. Therefore, if we do not want there to be a breakdown in services, all of this must be done in a coordinated manner.Mrs. Lamary insists.

It’s not just re-entry after a week or two, it’s re-entry after nearly a year and a half of confinement. So we have to take it slow.

Quote from:Laine Lamari, Head of SPGQ
Line Lamarre offers a video interview in her office.

Line Lamari calls for the gradual and coordinated return of civil servants (archive) face to face.

Photo: Radio Canada

For its part, the Public and Semi-Public Employment Syndicate of Quebec (SFPQ) reiterates its request to get acquainted with the government’s plan to dismantle the debt as quickly as possible.

Its President General, Christian Daigel, would like to invite the unions once again to express their opinion on ways to return to face-to-face confrontation.


He is concerned that he will only be notified when the framework policy for teleworking is revealed, possibly at the end of the summer.

If they want access, say, “Okay, we’ll tell you how it will be implemented, then we’ll tell you […] What will apply? “They will have small problems soon, that’s for sure, because we are talking about health and safety at the level of people. We also talk about working conditions., Chief warns SFPQ.

The office of the Minister Responsible for Governmental Administration and Chairman of the Treasury Council, Sonia Lebel, confirmed that unions would be consulted before the framework policy was revealed.

Let it be without fear, we will consult with them. We will work with both employers and union partners before publishing the guidelinesAs the Minister’s press secretary, Florent Tanlett, says.

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