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Quebec Solidere plans a series of disputed nominations in Montreal

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Just over six months before the general election, nomination season is in full swing. Several candidates have also announced their intentions in recent weeks, including Professor Melissa Genero, in Saint-François, Mayor Philippe Paget, in Richmond, and activist Adrien Guibert-Barthes, in Chicôtimete.

However, many of them will have competition. According to a report provided by the party leadership, at least three nominations will be challenged, all in Montreal.

This will be especially the case in Bourges. Former Montreal City Council president Susie Meron confirmed her candidacy on Facebook Friday morning, after narrowly failing to seek re-election last year after serving at City Hall as a project councillor for Montreal for four years.

Ms. Myron will face Marie-Yves Rancourt, a lawyer and unionist involved in the citizens’ movement opposing the Ray-Mont Logistiques project in eastern Montreal, and Olivier Howard, an environmental activist.

The winner will then attempt to oust MP Richard Campo from the CAQ and defeat PQ leader Paul Saint-Pierre Blamondon, who in January announced a group Everyone is talking about it He will try to enter the National Assembly by being elected to this constituency.

Another triathlon is being formed to represent him Quebec solidarity In Maurice Richard: Candidate in 2018, Rafael Rebelo would like to run in 2022, but Aaron Bouazi, assistant vice president at the Canadian Development Bank, and Rosa Perez, political attache to Representative Andres Fontiquela, also like him-she.

And then in Viau, former town councilor René Chantal Bilinga, who left the Montreal troupe in 2018 to sit as an independent until 2021, wants to run under the QS banner in October. But it is also the wish of activist Hassoun Karam.

Successful candidates will be selected by members in the coming months. In Maurice Richard, the inauguration will take place on April 20, in Viau on April 21 and in Bourges on May 15.

races in Several constituencies

Officially, Quebec Solidere will not support one candidate over another. But in the three constituencies at risk, Manon Massi – influential lawmaker and party spokesman – lent her support to Haroun Bouazi, René Chantal Bilinga and Marie-Yves Rancourt.

The struggles will be particularly interesting at Maurice Richard and Bourget, as Quebec Solidere needed just a few extra percentage points in 2018 to claim the win.

Other candidates will be announced in Southwest Montreal by the end of the month, says Gabrielle Bryce Harvey, communications coordinator for the QS office. Nomination races will likely be in multiple roundsas you say.

In 2018, Quebec Solidere submitted candidates in 125 clearance areas in Quebec. Ten of them were elected and are still members of the National Assembly, including six in Montreal.

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