Labelium Play turns into NXTLVL

label playthe highly engaged digital marketing arm of labelSpear NXTLVL, a game-changing division dedicated exclusively to integrating brands into digital games. The new entity is headquartered and led in Chicago Clayton McLaughlinDirector general label play. Logo NXTLVL east Navigate the vast gaming worldIt specializes in brand integration, product introduction, and virtual experiences within gaming platforms.

“It’s no longer a secret. She says games are the new frontier of advertising Clayton McLaughlin. Three billion players worldwide, including 180 million in the United States and 23 million in Canada. Today’s gamer demographics are as diverse as humanity, with female gamers making up 63% of all mobile gamers. Advertising usually follows the eye, but somehow the games are overlooked. Perhaps this is due to the complexity of the player and game experience. Perhaps there is not enough technology. Or maybe it’s time to stop ignoring this huge opportunity. state NXTLVL is to focus entirely on gaming, and helping our customers pioneer these new frontiers.”

NXTLVL It will be led by a dedicated team based in Chicago and led by McLaughlin. This team is among the first in the world to receive the latest advertising certification from Twitch video game streaming platform, Twitch Gameplan. NXTLVL It will also draw on individual talent and teams across the global agency, enhancing the broad reach of label Knowledge, data and technology to drive brand influence and cultural relevance.

NXTLVL Another big step forward for the agency and our customers, he says Anne BogleCEO of America Labelium. For years, the digital gaming and entertainment space has been a cutting edge resource for brands. Recently, the global health crisis has reinforced the importance of digital platforms as primary touch points to connect consumers. We are responding to this development by providing services to our clients that put them at the center of the action.”

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