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Quebec’s oldest mayor in Dixville

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Françoise Bouchard, 81, is the oldest mayor of Quebec City. This wasn’t her only feat: she was also her first municipal secretary, then her first general manager and her first municipal councillor.

I worked 20 years instead [de la secrétaire], laughed, the one who also became the first mayor of Dixville in 2017. A choice that seemed unanimous, ever since. I had no opposition during the last elections.

« It’s been such a short time that I’m still able to hold this position! »

Quote from Françoise Bouchard, Mayor of Dixville

The mayor has the support of her citizens, as well as the support of her municipal council.

To have an energetic mayor, who has ambition for her citizens, for her municipality, I find that very motivating, says council member Danielle Lamontani.

Fernando Sanchez adds that Françoise is very dynamic and very fun. She is very open. She has a lot of experience and it shows. She listens a lot and has leadership.

The mayor was elected by acclamation in the last municipal elections.

Photo: Radio Canada

Head full of projects

The years did not taint Françoise Bouchard’s desire to always move forward. The development of small houses seems promising, and tourism developments have taken place. Looking at its municipality, it still has many ideas for improving the quality of life of its citizens. The building used by CIUSSS de l’Estrie – CHUS could very well become, according to her, a community hall.

She explains that this building will make us happy, that’s for sure, because of the scale. can community hall [être faite] down and [on pourrait] Put our offices on top!

About twenty properties were formerly used as reception centers for people with disabilities. Here, too, Françoise Bouchard sees an opportunity to make good use of it. We will be interested in providing social housing or even RPA for the elderly, to remember.

It is not the ideas that lack the mayor, but the time. Pool, it took 10 years, but I don’t have 10!, Emphasizes. Especially since she has already announced that this mandate will be her last. No doubt he will be very busy.

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