Raha Kim: Simu Liu condemns not listing Asian distribution

He explained that our writers lack female and Asian representation. Apart from Ins Choi [le cocréateur de la série]There were no other Korean voices on the team.

We were a group of Asian Canadians and had a plethora of stories to share that writers could benefit from.added a speaker Missed opportunities to show Asian characters with real depth as well as the ability to grow and develop.

According to Simo Lee, the actors and actresses who starred in this sitcom that aired on CBC and Netflix Canada have been poorly paid.

This whole process really opened my eyes to the relationship between people who have power and those who don’t.

The adventures of the Kim family, who runs a convenience store in Toronto, were supposed to continue in the sixth season. However, in March, CBC announced that rest kim It will stop at the end of its fifth season.

If sad to see Simu Liu rest kim Stop it, everyone who’s going to play superhero Shang-Chi in a Marvel movie stay positive.

I still believe in this series that I fought for. This is a prime example of what can happen when barriers break down and minorities are given a chance to shine.

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