Rangers ran out of gas

According to coach Gerard Gallant, the New York Rangers’ loss in the Eastern Conference Finals is due in part to accumulated fatigue.

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That’s what he said Saturday during press conferences following his team’s six-game elimination against Tampa Bay Lightning.

Rangers won their first two series in seven matches and played a total of 20 matches in 40 days.

“There’s no doubt she showed,” Gallant said. We didn’t get any real breaks. I wish I could win tonight [samedi] And two days off. It would be the first time. It could have been cool, but that’s what it is.”

According to the schedule set by the National League, Rangers and Lightning could actually have had an extra day off before playing Game 7. But the “Briggs” finished the job by winning the fourth match in a row, having seen the “blue shirts” knowing the happiness of victory in the first duels of the last series in the East.

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Gallant also spoke about how difficult it was to play against two-time Stanley Cup champions, Tampa Bay.

“It’s a great team in defense,” said the driver. They made life difficult for us. They managed to kick us out of the pocket and did a great job. Our goal was to try and fight to get there and we were tired of that. I have no doubt in my mind.”

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Defender Jacob Tropa agreed with his coach.

“Obviously the guys were tired,” he said. That’s a lot of hockey in a short time. It’s tough and physically demanding in hockey. A lot of our guys put in a brave effort playing injured and doing everything they could.”

But striker Mika Zibanijad disagreed with his colleague and Galant.

“There was no fatigue,” said the Swede. “This is the kind of game we want to play. I feel like we rested enough between matches. It has nothing to do with fatigue.

Zipanegad, like many of the Rangers’ big guns, is still showing signs of fatigue in recent clashes against the “bolts”. He has been removed from the scoring list in the last three matches, as has defender Adam Fox and striker Philip Sheetle. Chris Kreider, New York’s top scorer in 2021-22, was unable to participate offensively in the last two games against The Lightning.

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