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Rayford Gardens begins its 60th season on Saturday

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We have artists from the region, from Quebec, Canada, the United States and France. […] There are still so many activities that I am not even able to master the complexity of programmingRayford Gardens director Alexander Reford calls in an interview with the same frequency.

The organization says that Rayford Gardens will open this year until October 2, 2022.

Photo: Radio Canada / Jean-Luc Blanchett

Several new exhibitions are presented to the public throughout the summer, including two exhibitions on the theme of hunting.

For those who love to fish, surprises are waiting for you. »

Quote from Alexander Reford, Director of Reford Gardens
Alexander Raeford wears a yellow coat.

Alexandre Rayford is the Director of the Jardins de Métis.

Photo: Radio Canada / Jean-Luc Blanchett

exhibition fishing guides, which we developed with Matamago, talks about an ancient profession and the relationship between father and son. We have interviews, anecdotes, tools, tips, legends, secretssays Mr. Rayford.

The other show with the same theme, A look at everything by Alexis OPEN LABIRERA tool used by salmon fishermen. In one room there is salmon literally on paper. […] It’s seeing salmon from top to bottom. It’s so amazingThe director says.

busy schedule

Every Sunday from July 3 to August 21, he invites the public to take part in music outings at the Rimouski Conservatory of Music in the Arboretum near Villa Estefan.

The gardens will be visited this summer by Chef Ricardo Larvie, who will take care of the English tea traditions, singer-songwriter Richard Seguin, who will hold a conference on the American poet Henry David Thoreau, and actress Christine Beaulieu, who will come again to talk about salmon fishing.

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Rayford Gardens is not to be missed. Choose your day and we look forward to welcoming yousays Mr. Rayford.

Again this year, access to the parks is free every first Sunday of the month. Everyone is welcome and can enter for free to explore the exhibits and landscapesHe said.

Even if he still invites people to indicate their interest in working at Rayford Gardens, he considers that human resources will be sufficient this year. My team is still pretty much satisfied, we’ll see in a bit. We recruited a lot. We have young interns from the University of Montreal and other schools who have been with us for a few weeks now.notice.

The organization says that Rayford Gardens will open this year until October 2, 2022.

With information from Maud Rivard and Dennis Leduc

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