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Reactions to the article “Cut the rope with the monarchy”

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Tony Vaughn
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Over 200 of you unanimously endorsed Stephanie Grammond’s March 10 op-ed on monarchy abolition. Below is an overview of the emails received.

Useless and outdated

It is really time to change this part of the constitution and get rid of these unnecessary and outdated ties. As for trade, the Commonwealth of Nations will remain, but that could be renegotiated as well.

Colette Barrier, Quebec

Let’s take action

What, still talking about it, still a discussion? It is time to take action and get rid of the property. An outdated institution on a big expense that pays for our taxes. For once, the vast majority of people agree on this point. We must take advantage of it now!

Marc-Andre Lalonde


Thank you mI am Grammond, to write what many Canadians whisper. We hope Mr. Trudeau reads to you … The dream is still permissible, right?

Paul Clotter

Now it is the turn of the MPs

Here. I hope our members will take it seriously.

Carmine Pomerlo

Two birds with one stone

What is the purpose of nationalizing the constitution? Time to break free. If we open up the constitution, we might have to review all the articles for discussion and at the same time settle the indigenous issue.

Bisaylon gel

It is up to the people to decide

You’re absolutely right. I’d like to see a nationwide survey on monarchy abolition. A Survey of English and French Canadians. I would be very curious to see the results … Tell me why it is not possible, when going to the polls, to ask the residents a question about this. Isn’t the majority of the people support or opposition having a greater meaning than the approval of the regions and regions? It seems to me that the people’s choice is no more legitimate!

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Marcel Lambert

Trudeau benefits

at all! It is best if Trudeau does so for the benefit and pride of all Canadians, while reaping the political advantages and securing on a silver platter the ultimate guarantee of history-making. Which should motivate him to think seriously about it.

Michelle Blunt

Shameful problem

I feel so frustrated that I have to put up with this connection with our colonial past. Let us have the courage to get rid of the monarchy and find a solution to this problem that is so shameful for us.

Marcel Paris

Entertainment, at the most

Yes, cut this rope as quickly as possible. As well as the elimination of the position of governor-general, outdated and assigned. Finally, articles relating to the life of the royal family should only appear in the “entertainment” section of your newspaper.

Louise C. Lavigne, Montreal

Missed opportunity

Very Utopia, your article. In England, to abolish the monarchy, you need a simple act of Parliament. In Canada, we will need the approval of 12 parliaments. We missed our chance in 1982 by endorsing the constitution.

Aurelene Normand

Come back and my baby

I’m voting at the federal level for whoever has the courage to cut ties with this declining, parasitic property.

Pierre Saint Aubin


There are moons that I basically agreed with with this project. This distortion no longer has any effect and has not created any motive for the citizens and even less for the successive governments. I look forward to governments taking charge.

Raymond Jolt

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Ask the question

The government must ask Canadians the question in the upcoming federal election. The question could be: Should we break free of property?

Daniel Forrest

Outdated institutions

The monarchy and religions are outdated institutions and still today consider themselves the main sources of conflict and wars. It is time to get rid of those rioters.

Carl Bion

Read “Cut the royal cord.”

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