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Real estate agent by day, thug at night?

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An alleged serial killer and realtor may be responsible for the killing of two homeless people and the shooting of a third person.

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The accused, a 25-year-old man named Willie Suarez Maceo, was charged Friday with attempting to kill a homeless man near downtown Miami, Florida.

The event was to take place last Tuesday, according to Miami Herald.

Police said the suspect shot the tramp without provocation. The victim was reportedly shot in the head but survived.

According to the Miami police chief, Willie Suarez Maceo allegedly shot another homeless man who was sleeping on a sidewalk about two hours later, according to the Miami Herald.

“The homeless have been brutally targeted for no reason,” interim police chief Manuel Morales said at a news briefing Thursday.

The man is licensed as a real estate broker and works for Century 21 in Miami, according to Florida media.

The police chief warns that it could have caused other casualties, and called on residents to provide any information that could provide the file.

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