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Reginoy met at the Cathedral District Festival

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The last time Regina neighborhood residents were able to celebrate together was in 2019.

president Cathedral Village Arts FestivalMarilyn Turnley, explains that her band only had six months to plan line-up this time around, due to the uncertainty created by the pandemic.

But according to her, the organizers succeeded in reflecting the diversity, inclusion and community involvement of the cathedral area.

The smiles were brighter and the joy was deeper this year compared to the other 31 yearsas you say.

For the founding partner of buckets and bordersHey Justin Lee, this street festival reflects Regina’s community and its ability to bring residents together.

With his nonprofit, he sells products to raise money for the restoration of basketball courts in the city.

His organization was participating in the festival for the first time. For him, such events are necessary. It shows how the beautiful community of Regina can come together and we are happy and proud to be a part of it.He said.

Martin Richotte was also on his first in the event, who appreciates his energy. This street festival provides the perfect opportunity to get a feel for Regina, He said. Discover talented local artists and musicians.

owner Fat Plants FarmKate Wu, this party summer begins And for her, it is also an opportunity to participate in society.

She has been involved for five years, almost every year since she got her start.

This is also the case for the owner Dream Believe Live, Christa Eddy. She has been coming back every year for the past six years, greatly attracted by the people she meets there. According to her, the energy and atmosphere of the festival is incomparable, and the fact that she can see her clients there allows her to create a more intimate relationship with them.

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The Cathedral Village Arts Festival took place from May 23-28.

With information from Brianna Frankel

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