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Remedial tutor to avoid professional dropout in Boss

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In the current economic context, we cannot afford to lose a studentRobin Rodrigue, Director of CIMIC at Saint-Georges de Beauce explains. In the machinery department, for example, At that time, we were talking about 95% employment rate, now it is 100 and 110% due to a shortage of industries .

This is why the principal tries by all possible means to ensure student retention by enhancing their academic success. Often, vocational training is combined with manual work. Now with all the new technologies, it’s not just about manual labor.

Statistics show that 15% of students are at risk of dropping out due to learning difficulties and most often these are students who master the manual level. Where it hangs a bit is where it’s more theoreticalAdds Annie Gagnon, deputy director of CIMIC.

The Chaudière Integrated Center for Industrial Mechanics (CIMIC) in Saint-Georges welcomes 550 students annually.

Photo: Radio Canada/Philip Grenier

Help for students and teachers

This is where the idea of ​​hiring a remedial tutor came from. It allows for better organization in the learning of young people, in particular.

Student doing welding at his work station.

CIMIC offers increased internships in the workplace where “students in business will quickly test what they learned in class,” explains Annie Gagnon, Assistant Director of the Career Training Center.

Photo: Radio Canada/Philip Grenier

A great challenge for Karel Grolio. It is quite a challenge for me, because I have previously worked with young children and now have a young and young clientele.. Its mission is to help welders, industrial mechanics and bodybuilders pass their theory exam.

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It also plays a supportive role for teachers. We have a student with dyslexia, so a teacher who does not know this disorder, I will bring him strategies, it will be a win for the student and the teacherThe expert explains.

A teacher in front of his class at a vocational training center.

Students and teachers will be able to receive assistance from a therapeutic tutor located at CIMIC.

Photo: Radio Canada/Philip Grenier

Another challenge: the arrival of foreign students, which is a complementary solution to the labor shortage.These people also sometimes need remedial education. We have some, and language is a difficulty, and we have to get the teachers familiar with speaking more calmly, finding strategies, and trying to imagine more comprehensive strategies for these students.Annie Gagnon explains.

The unemployment rate in Chaudière-Appalaches is 1.6%, the lowest in Quebec.

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