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Remote work: ‘At home, the key is organization’

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Miriam Richard is a business coach. 49-year-old Carcassonnaise is particularly involved in the issue of problems caused by Covid in the workplace. Telecommuting, back to the office… The professional gives her advice to handle these situations as best as possible.

To what extent are you interfering with companies on the topic of Covid?

You can call my services to re-motivate the forces, to adapt and find workable solutions: how to properly transition remote work — which may be painful or liberating to some — to its employees; How to organize work when you meet less … Thanks to Covid, companies have discovered that they can create remote means of communication that allow them to obtain essential information. Information they did not have before. Give them clues. I ask them and they find their own solutions.

In the run-up to remote part-time work, what advice can you give bosses?

To develop their confidence in their employees. Some force meetings – not very productive – throughout the day to ensure everyone is doing well. From a distance, you cannot constantly monitor your employees. There is work to give up to do. As I usually say in the companies I’ve worked for, the important thing is that the work is done.

What is the advice for those who find it difficult to work from home?

For many employees, working remotely is new. When you’re at home, the key is organization. They should organize their day at their own pace. It is quite an art. At home, you finally have the option to manage your time as you wish to work optimally. And for everyone, it’s different. Some are more productive in the morning, others in the evening. I think you also have to be able to segment your work environment, even if it’s not easy for everyone. Have at least your own desk and table and good computer equipment. A place to be in your bubble, like work.

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And for those who have been seduced by this way of working and are afraid to go back to work face to face?

Among the people I’ve accompanied, I’ve seen this face-to-face return to work accompanied by renewal. They don’t see things the way they used to. They come back with questions and demands for answers. They realized that they were doing things that no longer suited them. At least in part. Some want to keep doing their job, but otherwise. You should reach out and see if there is a possibility to arrange the job and give remote work time.

What do you think of the morning routine to adopt when working remotely?

Indeed, I think you should get up early enough to be able to do whatever you have to do for yourself. Why don’t you start reading a little? The first things you will do when you wake up are very important. Consulting illico social networks is not one of them. The ideal is to move around a bit to get some air. Why not run or do yoga? Then put order in his environment to put order in his head.

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