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Our winter sports on ONF

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The National Film Board (NFB) has an extensive catalog of short and feature films featuring winter and its sports. Here’s a selection to immerse you in the history, nostalgia, and delight of our winters. Perfect for evenings when everything is closed or after a day of playing outside.

Did you say hockey?

Hockey has long been the national sport of both Canadians and Quebecers. In this regard, NFB has no shortage of films featuring it. Here is a little to discover.

First, the documentary Maybe Mauritius Richard (1971, 1 hour 6 minutes) is a must for fans of the popular hero. Through interviews with his athletes, his teammates, people from the general public, his school teachers and others, he is presented in turn as a dedicated athlete, a popular legend, a symbol of society. “French Canadian” An artist at the top of his game, etc. Maurice Richard himself is inspired and touched by his humility.

Nordiques lovers will be pampered rwith A job like any other job (1972, 27 minutes). It shows the beginnings of the team as its players prepare to play their first match in the World Federation Hockey in 1972. The documentary film opened On top of that with psychedelic and musical sequences with Robert Charlebois.

live ice (1940, 19 min) takes us further in time. On the other hand, we see the enthusiasm of the spectators and the enthusiasm of the players, before a match between the Maple Leafs and Rangers, at Madison Square Garden. On the other hand, we remind you that the love of hockey begins at an early age, in the alleys and schoolyards and in frozen rivers.

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This is a simple game (1964, 29 min) is closer to us, as it takes care of Montreal Canadiens in the fifties and sixties. And there are personal interviews with players of the time, and even photos of the 1955 riots, after Maurice Richard’s comment.

Skiing, climbing and curling

Other local sports are also represented.

short film Cross country skiing (1970, 6 min) Follows four colored skaters as they glide through white snow. Without words or narration, the film is quiet and meditative at times, then energetic, even humorous. It’s also a bit artistic and experimental, especially musically and acoustically.

in a crystal pillar (1978, 15 min), a couple climbs a wall of natural ice. Next to it flow the magnificent Montmorency Falls. The ascent is subtle, demanding and amazing.

For a light and humorous tribute Curling and a passion for curling in Canada, a look Curling, when you catch us! (1964, 10 minutes). A traveling salesman arrives in the small town of Eston, Saskatchewan. But this one is deserted: everyone has gone to play curling!

Festive events

Finally, let’s not forget that our winters have always been festive.

snow boots (1958, 14 min), directed by Gilles Grolicks and Michel Braault, is an interesting introduction to direct cinema. We attend the annual Snowshoe Conference in Sherbrooke. The camera, still at the center of the action, shows us the march, with its drums, trumpets, and clappers, then the snowshoe races, with its crashes, the false starts and the picture at the end, and finally the dance party and the coronation of the Queen.

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Quebec Carnival (1956, 11 min) Makes us discover the events of this festival became a tradition. You can see the carvings From the ice that decorates the city, races Dogs, impressive canoe crossing From the glacier, the parade in costumes and paper floats, and the wonderful descent of the skaters lit with fireworks.

Warning: all of this may make you nostalgic for the festival crowds!

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