[Reportage] In Mexico, a Canadian indigenous leader meets with elected Mexican officials

In front of representatives of all parties, Director Indigenous Critical Infrastructure Fund (ICIF, or Indigenous Infrastructure Fund), Keith Matthew said his presence in Mexico was intended to inspire ideas about The collective future and a new way of doing business between nations.

As an Aboriginal business leader, my observations outline how the indigenous peoples of Canada and Mexico can pass on their talents and knowledge, thereby creating wealth for all. That is why I want to encourage discussions here in Mexico to welcome initiatives aimed at increasing wealth and giving a voice to indigenous peoples in Mexico.

Quote from Keith Matthew, President of ICIF

Mr. Matthew told members of the Mexican Parliament that it was necessary to create mechanisms to allow the first nations to become equal partners in the development of key infrastructures.

High interest rates on available loans, limited term financing flows and short term loan arrangements without flexibility are major barriers to home countries. I know there are Mexican projects underway that embody an inclusive vision of indigenous peoples. The hospital project in Chetumal, developed by a Canadian company led by Ernesto Baez and Mark Kelly, of BVE and K&A respectively, two of the companies that are part of my delegation, is just one example.

Quote from Keith Matthew, President of ICIF

Four Mayan women standing in front of products made with honey. First Nations President Keith Matthew wants better opportunities for the indigenous peoples of Canada and Mexico.

Photography: Ruben Canol Suarez – Goldman Award

Keith Matthew said that once this project is complete, it will be accessible and will provide opportunities for patients throughout southwestern Mexico, particularly the Mayan population of the Yucatan Peninsula.

The Indigenous Canadian leader noted that there is also the possibility for indigenous migrant workers from Mexico to come to Canada.

According to Keith Matthew, his visit to Mexico was intentional Explore initiatives that take into account the traditional and shared values ​​of indigenous peoples“Projects that adopt sustainable solutions integrate with the social context,” he concluded.

For his part, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives, Alfredo Fimat Banuelos of the Workers’ Party, confirmed that the visit of the Canadian delegation was very brightas approximately 20% of Mexico’s population is of indigenous descent.

Although many of the rights that indigenous people should have are part of the Mexican constitution, the most marginalized areas today are those in which indigenous people live, hence the importance of economically revitalizing these populations.

Quote from Alfredo Fimat Banuelos, Mexican-elected Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives.

The President of the Mexican-Canadian Friendship Group and former Minister of Economy, Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal, a member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), noted that during the Canada-US-Mexico Agreement negotiations, special attention was paid to indigenous communities so that they benefit from this agreement.

for the party Morena Representative Manuel Alejandro Robles Gómez, who took office, highlighted the importance of the Canadian delegation’s visit, adding that it was the first time that investments had been made in the southeastern region of Mexico, with the construction of you see mayaand Transisthmic Train and Tulum Airport, which will boost the economy and growth in the region.

The Canadian delegation, which returned to the country on Friday, was also composed of Frank Bosch and Dale Tsuruda, respectively, the managing director and associate director of Indigenous Critical Infrastructure Fundas well as other representatives of Canadian companies.

Note: This article is also available in Spanish and has been translated by Rovo Valencia into French

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