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Restaurants will not be able to reopen on April 12th

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Alan Binder
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Restaurant owners who thought they could reopen their food court on April 12 would be disappointed to learn it was not in public health plans, although the government hinted otherwise last week.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Dr. Horacio Arruda said he is 98% confident that areas affected by emergency measures can breathe a little after Electroconvulsive therapy 10 days. The Quebec Director of Public Health thinks it wouldn’t be realistic to change from dark red to orange.

People who were in the red zone in Quebec, for example, and who underwent emergency procedures, instead of going back to orange, will turn red.

Quote from:Horacio Arruda, Director of Public Health, Quebec

However, restaurant dining rooms are only allowed to reopen in the Orange Zone.

I’ll honestly tell you that unless there was a miracle and suddenly it was completely cleaned, it wouldn’t make sense to go back to orange.

Not a surprise

Don’t be surprised by the owner of Diner Saint-Sauveur. I never wore pink curtains and thought we’d reopen our doors on day 12.

Philip Ploen thinks the re-opening was too fast. We had to wait to let Easter pass, he thinks.

Let’s solve the problem and then we’ll have a party! Concludes.

We weren’t expecting the reopening anywayFor his part, François Monnet is interacting with the Vice President of Public and Government Affairs of the Restaurant Association of Quebec (ARQ).

The engagement is on guard, we want at all costs to prevent a situation like Quebec from happening again.

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