Are you considering treatment abroad?

Health and wellness are always prioritized, and people look for the best therapeutic options in all the world’s hospitals. The sphere of medical tourism covers all types of treatment abroad and offers medical innovations, experienced healthcare practitioners, comfort, and privacy. A person can travel abroad for a surgery or another single intervention, as well as visit a foreing physician time and again. The organization of treatment abroad is a duty of the medical tourism provider – Booking Health. 

Benefits of medical tourism

Medical tourism is a suitable option in many cases:

  • Diagnosis of diseases. Sometimes identifying the pathology requires specific knowledge and tests that are not available in the country of residence.
  • Availability of novel medications that are not approved or available in the native country. Prices for medications can also differ significantly, so that it becomes more reasonable to travel abroad.
  • Availability of medical equipment, e.g. robotic devices, equipment for CAR T-cell therapy.
  • Experience of healthcare practitioners who actively use novel therapeutic options.
  • Urgent treatment, avoiding long waiting lists for high-tech therapy.
  • Comfortable wards that look like rooms in a luxury hotel.
  • Privacy: no one will even suspect that you need treatment, if you don’t want to.
  • Treatment of children, including infants and children with birth defects

Some medical tourists are people who want to combine treatment abroad with a pleasant vacation on the beach or visiting a new country.

Possible risks of medical tourism

Risks of undergoing treatment abroad are mainly connected with hospital selection and organizational aspects. You need to find reliable information about the hospital and physician, explore hospitals’ equipment and success rates. Unfortunately, a hospital’s official website may not be unbiased.

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Next, you will need to prepare all the necessary travel and medical documents, with translation. If a visa is required, you will need to receive it for yourself and an accompanying person. Also, you will need to plan your recovery after the treatment completion: it may take a while, so you will need an apartment to stay in.

You will need to know the language of the chosen country, so you are able to understand medical terms and doctor’s recommendations. In most cases, individual foreign patients are not able to contact their physician after the discharge.

Fortunately, all the obstacles are successfully avoided if you contact the certified medical tourism provider Booking Health.

The leading hospitals

Despite small hospitals can specialize in the treatment of particular pathologies and demonstrate awesome results, the leaders of world’s healthcare system are University hospitals, such as:

  1. University Hospital Heidelberg
  2. Charite University Hospital Berlin
  3. University Hospital Frankfurt-am-Main
  4. University Hospital of Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
  5. University Hospital Oldenburg

University hospitals offer close interdisciplinary cooperation and access to clinical trials and medical innovations. Cost of treatment in such healthcare facilities can be somewhat higher compared to the ordinary ones. However, the final result demonstrates that visiting university hospitals is definitely cost effective.

Arrangement of treatment

The international medical tourism provider Booking Health offers patients from 75 countries a comprehensive treatment organization. The prestigious ISO 9001: 2015 certificate confirms the high quality of the company’s work.

Booking Health specialists help:

  • Choose hospital and doctor
  • Prepare the preliminary treatment program
  • Book and urgent appointment
  • Exclude additional fees for foreigners from the price list
  • Receive visa, translate documents and medical reports
  • Book tickets, transfer, accommodation
  • Communicate with healthcare professionals (an interpreter will accompany you)
  • And much more
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Leave your request on the Booking Health website, and a medical advisor will contact you within 24 hours.

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