Retired General Jonathan Vance charged with obstruction of justice

The alleged violation allegedly arose during his investigation SNEFC, in February, after Canada’s former defense chief was subjected to allegations of sexual misconduct.

This investigation was opened after the publication of a report referring to the alleged inappropriate behavior of Jonathan Vance against his subordinates.

The former chief of staff denied the allegations.

The SNEFC She says she will not reveal more information about this alleged crime, which falls under Article 139 of the Criminal Code.

The SNEFC It is a specialized unit of the Canadian Forces Military Police Group. Its main mandate is investigation In matters of a serious and sensitive nature.

The retired general will have to appear in a regional court on September 17.

The accusation comes against the backdrop of the Canadian Forces crisis, which has seen several of its top commanders targeted with allegations of sexual misconduct.

Last February, three weeks after an investigation was opened into the allegations against Jonathan Vance, it was revealed that Admiral Art MacDonald was also the subject of a similar investigation. The admiral who succeeded General Vance at the head of the armed forces has voluntarily withdrew from his duties while the investigation continues.

In March, an investigation into allegations of inappropriate behavior with subordinates allegedly launched by Vice Admiral Hayden Edmondson, head of human resources for the Canadian Armed Forces, was launched.

In May, a military investigation was opened into allegations of sexual misconduct, this time targeting Major General Danny Fortin. The latter, who had been in charge of the nationwide vaccination campaign, left his position at the Public Health Agency.

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The file of Major General Danny Fortin is now in Quebec, in the hands of the Director of the Criminal and Criminal Prosecution Office (DPCP).

Justin Trudeau and Harjit Sagan in the hot seat

Justin Trudeau’s liberal government in April appointed former Supreme Court Justice Louise Arbor to conduct an independent review of the military’s handling of sexual assault, harassment and other misconduct.

In Prime Minister Trudeau’s view, this independent review is necessary to correct The current system is insufficient.

The case surrounding Jonathan Vance prompted Katie Telford, chief of staff to Justin Trudeau, to testify in May before the House of Commons Standing Committee on National Defense.

Both Katie Telford and the Prime Minister say they only became aware of the nature of the allegation against Mr Vance when they published a report on the matter.

But the opposition in the House of Commons questions this version of events.

The prime minister, bombarded with questions in the House of Representatives, admitted in March that members of his close guard knew, as early as 2018, that Chief of Staff Vance was the target of allegations of sexual misconduct.

As for the Minister of National Defense, Harjit Sajjan, he was informed of the case as early as 2018, according to former Military Ombudsman Gary Walborn who also testified before the National Defense Standing Committee.

Thereafter, Minister Sagan disagreed with parts of Mr. Walburn’s testimony. confirmed That all allegations made were very quickly submitted to the relevant authorities, while respecting the need to protect the privacy of all those involved. Any suggestion that I acted otherwise is wrong.

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