Return of the Nordic Countries: François Legault talks about his interest in Gary Bateman

François Legault spoke to the Commissioner of the National Hockey League (NHL), Gary Pittman, to tell him of his interest in returning Floridley to Quebec.

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“I spoke to Mr. Bateman. I told him of our interest in the return of the Nordic countries,” the prime minister of Quebec said. “He told me he was open to meeting us.”

The Prime Minister revealed that the Finance Minister, Eric Gerrard, a “Nordic enthusiast”, is in charge of the file and held discussions with various potential investors in the club.

Eric plans to meet Mr. Bateman in January.

We must now determine the role of the Quebec government in a possible return to the NHL franchise. Mr Legault noted that the grandstand had been built and that Kibecourt had a “right of first refusal” to buy a club. “We have to see if Mr. Péladeau is still interested in spending $700 million or more for the hockey team. Otherwise, we have to see how we manage it with Quebec City to get the runway. It is an important component of the Nordic comeback.”

Mr. Legault added that television rights would then have to be negotiated. “This is all that the government and Eric Girard are trying to put together to allow the people of Quebec and eastern Quebec to benefit from the return of the Nordic nations.”

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