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Rimouski is going to slow down some arteries

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The maximum permissible speed will be significantly reduced to 50 km/h on rue Saint-Germain, between Rue Rue, in the Nazareth district, and Rue de la Gare, in the Sacré-Coeur district.

In Sacré-Coeur, in the corner of Montée des Saules, there is a school district, there are two schools, we have to reduce the speed in that corner, it is necessaryMayor Guy Caron believes.

On rue René-Lepage, which has become rue Jessop to the east, the speed will drop from 70 to 50 km/h between rue de la Cathédrale and Carrefour Rimouski.

Mayor Caron considers that these changes will improve the safety of road users, as well as enhance the mobility of seniors living in particular in the Havre de l’Estuaire residence.

We need help with active mobility so that these people can exist in an environment where things aren’t working out. [trop vite]. When we talk about 70 km / h, we often talk about cars that go at a speed of 90, 95 km / h. »

Quote from Guy Karon, Mayor of Rimouski

Jay Caron adds that many accidents happen on the avenue, particularly in the Carrefour-Rimouski sector. It’s a matter of signaling, we notice, but it’s also a matter of speed, a matter of dangerous driving, so going down to 50 km/h will help us at that level.The mayor said on the sidelines of the city council.

The speed limit will also be lowered to 40 km/h on many residential streets and increased from 80 to 70 km/h in certain ranks.

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Based on information from Marie Kristen Rio

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