Robervalois bears witness to the exotic Olympic atmosphere in Tokyo

Robervaloise who lives in Japan, Andréanne Parent, confirms that the atmosphere is far from festive just a few hours before the Olympics opening ceremony.

A person who has lived in this country for seven years says that the excitement of the event is usually not felt in Tokyo because the participants are confined to the Olympic Village. They are completely isolated from the general public in their Olympic bubble, explained in an interview with the program It’s never the same thing.

Some Olympic-colored banners appeared and the Great Tokyo Tower lit up with the characteristic rings, but no more than that.

The atmosphere is really quite scary, most of the residents don’t even think of watching the games on TV because the atmosphere is not festive.

Quote from:Andrian Parent

While not necessarily a supporter of hosting the Games, she does encourage Canadian athletes by displaying a maple leaf flag in her apartment.


Andréanne Parent notes great concern among residents due to the resurgence of COVID-19 cases. You remember that the vaccination rate is very low in Japan and that this major sporting event that brings together 80,000 people is far from unanimous.

The Japanese have a bleak view of the Games and few believe that we can hold the Games without exacerbating the pandemic.

Quote from:Andrian Parent

You see games as inappropriatein the actual context. She remembers that the local health system continues to be overwhelmed by the increase in COVID-19 cases.

Andréanne Parent works as a recruiter for a Japanese company. She is busy finding bilingual staff who speak Japanese and English. I started learning Japanese at Bishop University in Istria. Her sister Aurelie also lives in Tokyo and works for the same company.

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