Hendaye lowers the scale to 50 people…maybe for nothing

The city lowers the 50-person level cap for establishments open to the public. A way to get around the health permit, even if the efficiency of this procedure is uncertain

The City of Hendaye has decided to reduce the capacity of cultural institutions that receive the public in the municipality to 50 institutions. Thus, to enter the cinema Les Variétés, the Mendi Zolan Cultural Center or even the media library, Submit a health card It will not be necessary, on the contrary, in these circumstances, to wear a mask.

Decision made by the city’s COVID monitoring committee, Wednesday, July 21, “waiting for clarification from the government to be presented in the coming days.”

Outdated measurement?

However, the procedure can be null and void, if we believe the statement of the Directorate General of Health To our colleagues at Radio France : “The scale of 50 people, which is maintained as the minimum for health permit application in some establishments open to the public, is determined according to the capacity of this establishment and not according to the actual occupancy of the premises. For example, in a cinema, the health corridor is applied as soon as this room contains On more than 50 seats, even if only ten seats were taken during the show. The ten people present must have a valid health permit.”

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