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Ron Wayne, one of the three founders of Apple, sold all his shares for fear of bankruptcy

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Ronald Wayne, one of the three founders of Apple. (MEDIANEWS GROUP / THE MERCURY NEWS / MEDIANEWS GROUP RM / GETTYIMAGES)

In general, in order for there to be losers, there have to be victories that go right past you, and this is one of the brightest of the last 50 years. It’s July 6, 1981, and for the first time on French television, viewers hear about Steve Jobs and Apple, the company he created in Silicon Valley.

“Geographically speaking, Silicon Valley is a massive conglomerate of companies of all sizes, clean, unpolluted, and a bit futuristic in appearance.” The reporter said. “With Steve Wozniak, we worked in electronics companies. We wanted to use a personal computer, which was around at least at the time. But we couldn’t buy one, it was too expensive so we imagined one. A.” Confirms in this interview Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs mentions Steve Wozniak as co-founder of Apple in 1976 but forgot about Ron Wayne. And if he doesn’t have the computer genius of two Steve, he’s there to oversee the birth of the company, and in return he gets 10% of the shares, according to the contract signed on April 1, 1976.

Ron Wayne makes a bad decision. Fearing Apple’s failure, he sold all his shares 12 days after signing the contract. 10% of Apple or $200 billion.

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