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How to start a vegetarian or vegan life

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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If you are here on this article, it’s because you took the step to learn more about this subject and to start a vegetarian or vegan life, right? So you are in the right place. It might sound hard to be a vegetarian or vegan, but you will see that it is easier than you think. It’s as easy as playing in the online casino CasinoChan Canada.

First let’s understand the differences between vegetarians and vegans, yes they are not the same, so it’s important to know in which group you want to be, and how strong is your will to make this change. 

Veganism and vegetarianism have many things in common, but veganism is more strict on their diet, in other words they do not consume some things that vegetarianism does. Let’s start with vegetarianism, who wants to follow this path have to keep in mind that any type of meat is out of the question, fish is included as the forbidden things that you can eat. In general everything that derives from animal vegetarianism also is not allowed.  

So, the question is, what can they eat? Well, apart from vegetables, vegetarians can consume byproducts such as milk, yogurt, honey or even eggs as one of their many sources of protein and fats. Foods like seeds, grains, nuts, fruits and so on also make part of their menu. 

About veganism, vegans are more strict than vegetarianism as we mentioned. As a vegan person, you cannot consume anything that is originated from animals. That includes eggs or dairy products, such as milk, yogurt and so on… So, anything that comes from animals is not allowed. For the vegan society, veganism is a way of living.  They avoid any exploitation connected to animals. 

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Apart from food, they also avoid the use of any kind of material that derives from animals such as silk, leather, wool and the list goes on. So resuming, vegans avoid any materials that derive from animals.  What can they eat? They can eat vegetables, seeds, grains, fruits or everything that is not connected with animals. 

According to PETA, the organization that protects the rights of animals, not eating meat can save around 100 animals per day. So many will find this as a good reason to stop eating meat, but as we can see, it’s not just to stop eating meat make us vegetarians or vegans, but to avoid any product connected with animals. 

Why would you want to become a vegetarian or a vegan? 

The first thing to start doing as a vegetarian is to have a good reason. Some take this decision and a couple of months later, give up. Search for as much information as you can, through the internet or books, just like you are doing right now. It will make you understand more about vegetarianism in general. 

Receipts and how to become a vegetarian or vegan

Many may find it difficult to prepare dishes based on vegetarianism, but as a normal dish it requires knowledge, the same applies to vegetarians and vegans so it’s not that difficult. We suggest that you search on the internet. There are many websites to teach vegetarian or vegan dishes. You don’t need to be super rich to start a vegan lifestyle.

To do this transition, you don’t need to cut everything at once, the correct way is to do this transition gradually, for example, starting to cut red meat then white meat then seafood. This is where many people get wrong. Take your time, but usually it takes 3 to one month for the slowest path for each stage to start being a vegetarian.

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Once again research is very important, once you go deep on this path, you will start to want to know more about other substitutes for protein or fats and so on. That will make you search for them, and it’s good because everyone has different tastes even when they are vegans. Talk to your friends and family or neighbours. It’s important to open up to them, especially if you usually go eat with them, so they can know next time what to cook or not to cook for you. 

Once you are into vegetarianism and you are still not satisfied with your contribution to animals or the environment, that’s when you can jump to veganism, and make this your lifestyle.


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