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Rousseau and “Pure Quebec Fascism”

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Do you find it shocking to see that the head of a large Canadian corporation headquartered in Montreal doesn’t speak a word of French?

While the man in question has lived in Quebec for 14 years?

Well, I have a little news for you.

Not Michael Russo, the problem, no.

here you are.

You are intolerant.


This is what Toronto resident Patrick Cowan wrote in an open letter published in the letter to readers National Post, Here.

According to this proud Canadian, Mr. Rousseau is the innocent victim of “pure fascism in Quebec”.

Rather than condemn Air Canada’s CEO, Justin Trudeau, François Legault and Chrystia Freeland should have defended him instead.

Because, says Mr. Cowan, all citizens of the country are entitled to progress in Canadian society, no matter what official language they speak.

Entrepreneur who has lived in Quebec for 14 years and only speaks English? so what ? It’s one of the official languages ​​of Canada, right? where is the problem ?

For Mr. Kwan, there is only one thing to say to politicians who believe that only bilingual Canadians deserve the promotion: shit ».

I remember that this letter was published in a national newspaper.

Along with another letter claiming that Air Canada should be able to move its head office out of Quebec, the company’s management can “recruit employees on their merits, rather than appointing people for the sole purpose of pleasing Quebecers.”

Not a trivial choice

Daily newspaper like National Post You should receive dozens and dozens of messages a day.

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When it comes to filling the readers’ mail page, those responsible for opinions pages are at a loss.

However, yesterday National Post Published six letters to readers.

One in an oversight case for the Toronto School Board.

One about fighting climate change. Single on gender identity. One on inflation.

And the two mentioned above go in the same direction.

This is not trivial.

This is a deliberate choice on the part of the editorial board.

We wanted to spread these two messages.

Either because these messages represent the majority of the messages that National Post Received about it in the past few days.

Either because these characters reflect the position National Post.

Whatever the reason, this is hardly encouraging.

Let’s say: Canada’s famous “respect for diversity” is respect for all cultural communities…except those formed by French-speaking Quebecers.

We have the right to insult them.

In the pages of a national newspaper.

And twice instead of once.

Because they deserve it.

What makes them stick to their tongues in this way?

Do they not see that Quebec is a province in Canada?

And that in Canada there is not one official language… but two?

And that speaking one of these two languages ​​is enough to be a proud Canadian?

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