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RTL TODAY – Space Watch: Canadian company NorthStar settles in Grand Duchy

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NorthStar is the first commercial surveillance service operating from space.

Thanks to their fleet of satellites, they monitor space and can also detect waste around the Earth, this Canadian company is the first in the world to offer this kind of service that makes it possible to send and receive information more often. accurately. The obtained comprehensive view therefore allows optimal navigation of active satellites in space. Its managers decided to establish their European headquarters in Luxembourg.

Satellite images are essential in detecting many problems on Earth, such as natural disasters. However, these satellites are at risk of colliding with space debris. Currently, about 7,000 machines orbit the Earth, half of which are still active. “50 satellites orbit under a Luxembourg license, and there is at least 900,000 known debris over 1 centimeter long in spaceThis was stated by Economy Minister Franz Vayot.

So we must find a way to protect working satellites from colliding with objects, and this is exactly the goal of the NorthStar company that detects space debris.

The cooperation between Luxembourg and this company is exemplary because our country has been a pioneer in cooperation with innovative companies in the aerospace sector for 40 years.”, confirms Franz Vaiot who explained that the Luxembourg Fund for the Future will also invest ten million euros in NorthStar. Since this information coming from space represents a huge amount of data, the Canadian company in particular will have access to the Meluxina supercomputer.

As space becomes an increasingly commercial and popular place, it is important to use it in a sustainable way and keep it clean. Stuart Payne, President and Founder of NorthStar, says:The space was clean when I was born and I would do anything to keep it that way“.

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The mission of the Canadian company, whose European headquarters in Luxembourg has not been disclosed, is to ensure a safer space.

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