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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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Each week, Saskia de Ville and Christophe Chassoul choose a topic, idea, question, or simple excuse to share the songs they love with you. Today it will be about science fiction.

  • The program was recorded to the public at Théâtre de l’Alliance française (101 Boulevard Raspail – 75006 Paris)

All dates of the following recordings can be found on the Maison de la Radio website.

Musical programming

Franz Schubert
Symphony No. 8 in B Minor D 759: 1. Allegro moderato
Staatskapelle de Dresde, Herbert Blumstedt
idyl classics

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Franz Schubert / Machine Learning
Symphony No. 8 in B Minor D 759: 1. Allegro moderato
Projet “Unfinished Symphony”

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Marius Constant
Twilight Zone: Theme
Spelling Jazz Orchestra

Nobuyuki Onogi
Galaga: Theme Music Video Game

John Williams
Encounters of the third kind

Ludwig van Beethoven / Beethoven X
“Artificial Intelligence Project” – III Scherzo. Allegro – Trio
Beethoven Orchestra in Bonn

Terry Riley
Episodes of the Sun: 2. The Hero’s Danger
Four Kronos

Terry Riley
Rings of the Sun: 10. On Earth, One People, One Love
Four Kronos

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