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The bottom line: Tensions and Discomfort

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An inquisitive and intrusive mother. Very unstable and fragile girl. A friend questions his gender identity. Tensions are high in this home in the back of the classroom.

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On display until Saturday 20 November in Premier Acte, fond of de ring It’s a locked door that shows Louise, her daughter Marie, her lover Joe and David, a childhood friend who arrives at this house and releases all this tension.

Vincent Nolin Bouchard’s play live. You delve into the feelings of those people who are unable to move on.

The house in which Mary lives is located in the woods and belongs to her mother. A mother who lives behind this house and wants to sell this rather rotten place where her daughter manages to maintain a semblance of balance. fragile balance.

Louise, this mother, who has been so nicely interpreted by Sylvie Canteen, is very present. She is involved in everything.

These three people are stuck somewhere in the region in a closed universe where future prospects are limited. They are suffocating.

Swinging spouses Marie and Joe and the arrival of Dave, a childhood friend who has left to live in Quebec, a free spirit that is difficult to assimilate, will confront the three characters, causing multiple inconveniences.

full of music

From that point onwards, Jo became the main point of fond of de ring. The young man has an identity crisis. He is in a relationship with Mary, but has an attraction to Dave. And Dave, he already had a story with his girlfriend.

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Music is an essential component of the widget. There’s a song by Sarah-Ann Arsenault and Dillon Hatcher and another by actor Samuel Corbell, who embodies a particularly annoying David.

He plays bass and approaches Mary’s mother in a very tempting moment. Twin Peaks. The musical track translates well the moods and mental states of the characters.

There is no downtime. It is a theatrical fact and we quickly proceed to this suggestion from Théâtre so that we are not alone. Vincent Nolin Bouchard and Marie-Yves Lucier Garibee completely inhabit the evil that haunts Joe and Marie.

In the end, things become clear. The three face their fate. Marie demands her independence, Jo seems liberated. And mother, she may end up distancing herself.

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