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Science has spread in Quebec museums

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We don’t have enough age to discover science! We might also start with museums, which compete brilliantly to present scientific knowledge to us in an accessible form. Overview of the main permanent exhibitions.


If astronomy interests you even a little bit, then The Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium It is a real gateway to the universe and its stars. You can learn more about the mysteries of meteorites thanks to its collection of about 458 fragments of these celestial bodies, the largest of its kind in Quebec. Two of these pieces that fell from the sky were found in Quebec, in Benue, in Gaspeze, and in Chibogamau, while the other two were found from the Moon and Mars. We will obviously take advantage of this visit to the Planetarium to see the new immersive shows that have been presented recently, including The adventures of Rashid and Philaea movie for the whole family that reveals the challenges of exploring a comet.


To discover science fairs dealing with unusual aspects, go to biosphere. In this former Expo 67 pavilion that has been converted into an environmental museum, you can discover meteorology This is not an umbrella, which provides a better understanding of probabilities, weather warnings, and atmospheric pressure, terms we often hear without putting them in context. You can also turn to the new Ecolab, which allows you to familiarize yourself with the main principles of the scientific approach by studying a phenomenon that constantly surrounds us: pollution.

Science Center

at Science CenterMany exhibitions and activities provide the whole family with a better understanding of scientific phenomena by participating in educational workshops with games and crafts about the elements, geometry, computing, the human body and space. Interactive and fascinating exhibitions whose visitors are the real heroes!


The astronauts are embodied before our eyes by visiting Cosmodome Laval, whose permanent exhibition lets you learn more about space and its exploration history. This is an opportunity to learn more about satellites, missiles, and the solar system, among other things. Must-see attractions include an Apollo-era spacesuit and an actual piece of moon rock.

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