Science Village Savoie Mont Blanc University – Annecy Campus, October 10, 2021, Annecy.

Science Festival October 08-10
University of Savoy Mont Blanc – Annecy Campus University of Savoy Mont Blanc. free face-to-face entry; public online.
Saturday 09 October – 10:00 to 12:30
Saturday October 09 – 2:00 PM
Sunday October 10 – 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM
Sunday October 10 – 2:00 PM
Friday October 08 – 6:30 PM

In this Science Village program on the University of Annecy campus:
Friday 10/8/2021: Conference discussion on autonomous systems from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm. The era of autonomous systems has already begun and is asking various societal questions. The aim of this conference is to approach the different aspects posed by these systems, at the level of defining responsibilities and the relationship between man and machines. So what are the ways to address the formidable ethical challenges posed by developing these systems?
Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 October: The Science Village / Temporary Program under development is open from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm and from 2 pm to 5 pm.
You will be greeted by students of the Polytech Annecy Chambéry School of Engineering, teachers – researchers on site and … their robots.

View IUT Projects (Physical Measurement Section)

Connecting House Project AAP Polytech Annecy Chambéry

Baxter Robot (Symme Lab Research Work)

Human Balance vs Robotic Balance (Symme Lab Research Work)

Writing without paper is possible! (Symme laboratory research work)

Harmonious Awakening (Personal Student Project)

Fablab, the latest advances in 3D printing (Polytech Annecy Chambéry)

After Newton and Tesla, like every year, a scientific and historical figure is honored. It gave its name to a widely used module in materials science and mechanics. Can you recognize him? Experimental bench will demonstrate the basic principle (Symme laboratory research work)

Through innovative work, we can think about the development of economic activity. This platform shows you behind the scenes of entrepreneurship (IIAE Savoie Mont Blanc)

And what are the mechanisms in all this? Some experiences to rediscover the principles of mechanics

An animation of feelings of discovery by Les Petits Escholiers on the annual theme of the Science Festival
Pepper animation and discovery with this cute robot out there to welcome you and help you discover the different stands!
All suites are featured on (withdrawal in case of cancellation due to possible health restrictions). You will find all the updated information about the science village for the 2021 edition as well as about the previous years.
In 5 minutes you can walk to the Lapp site and visit the Eutopia space:

Auvergne Rhone-Alpes > Haute-Savoie
Savoy University Mont Blanc – Annecy Campus 4 Chemin de Bellevue, 74600 Annecy 74960

Organizer: University of Savoy Mont Blanc – Annecy Campus