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Scientific workshops at school

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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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Volunteer experts have given advanced science and technology workshops to students from schools on the Riverside English School Board.

Thanks to a partnership with the Center scolaire et communautaire de la Vallée du Richelieu (RVCLC), Mcgill Let’s Talk Science and its volunteers have introduced the principles to students of five School Council schools. RCVLC reports that the coding is “in Scratch and Python, in a warm and encouraging atmosphere”.

During these interactive workshops, now offered via television, students are exposed to a variety of concepts including technology, engineering and mathematics through the participation of volunteer experts from the community.

“Robots help students develop their technological thinking (…)” – Let’s talk about science

William Latter School students from many of our classes participated in a multi-day workshop on Microbiology. This innovative and educational experience was delivered virtually by McGill Let’s Talk Science volunteers. Scientists And students, at doctoral or master’s level, have taught our students. They even engaged in a hands-on activity based on the healthy bacteria that live in our bodies,” says the center.

Let’s Talk Science offers a range of activities, the diversity of which is based on a group of active volunteer experts. Among them are workshops on robotics, a topic that is attracting more and more attention to primary schools in Quebec. Robots help students develop their technological thinking, which manifests itself when they examine the man-made world and use technical skills and concepts to solve a problem or conduct an investigation. These activities help them develop robotic literacy, that is, understand the basic concepts used in creating and interacting with robots. Students can hone these skills by working on mechanical and electronic components and coding simple robots. Robotics skills will become even more important as robotics becomes a part of our daily lives,” concludes the “Let’s Talk Science” program.

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