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What do we know about the Indian alternative and its danger?

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The United States and the United Kingdom will send emergency aid to India, along with oxygen supplies, as well as the European Union. 350,000 people were injuredThere, during the only day of this Sunday, April 25th. It is a world record. We are even dying at the gates of hospitals and wondering about this new Indian alternative. Let’s evaluate: What do we know about it and its danger?

Its scientific name is B1617. It was first discovered last October in the state in case Maharashtra. At the moment, it is not necessary compared to other variants, since today in India it accounts for only 15-20% of the serial samples. But it is true His “double mutant” side Scientists worry. It is called so because it carries a double mutation.

One variable, but two mutations

The first mutation could make it more resistant to existing vaccines. But so far nothing has been proven. The second mutation can be associated with increased transmission. So it will be more contagious, But maybe less of a variable British. An ongoing study. We know these two mutations well, but this is the first time we’ve observed them together, on a variant with a significant spread.

This Indian variant of him It has not yet been discovered on mainland France, But it was actually discovered in Great Britain (With less than a hundred cases), in Spain, On Italy, On Germany, On Swiss Et al Belgium. In the last state, it was discovered on a group of Indian students who passed through Roissy on April 12th. It has just been classified before Public Health France, In the category of variants to “follow”, which requires enhanced observation.

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