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Scientists prove that it rains diamonds on Neptune and Uranus

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on the planets Uranus And NeptuneAccording to scientists, showers of diamonds are taking place. To prove their claims, they had two alternatives: conduct experiments in the laboratory or send spacecraft to the two planets. However, this was the first choice that was made. Therefore, scientists relied on mathematical models to be able to conduct their experiments in the laboratory.

Temperatures much higher than those observed on Earth

They used polystyrene that could withstand the temperatures and pressures of both planets. Also, is it more manipulative and reacts in the same way to the methane in it Neptune And Uranus. At the end of the experiment, they obtained several nanometer-sized diamonds. Note that the two planets consist mainly of methane, ammonia, and water. These are the molecules that researchers call “ice.” But thanks to mathematical models, they find that temperatures are much higher than those observed on Earth. Thus, temperatures in the deep regions reach approximately 6,727 degrees, with pressures exceeding 6 million times that of Earth.

Diamonds evaporate from heat

However, in the outer regions, temperatures reach 1,727 degrees Celsius and cold pressures are more than 200,000 times those in Earth’s atmosphere. Moreover, under the influence of high pressure, methane molecules can break down and release carbon. These elements no longer hold carbon together and together give rise to long chains, which hold diamonds together. Then, these evaporate due to the heat and rise to the surface. The repeated cycle forms a barrage of diamonds. As a reminder, this is not the first time this theory has been mentioned. It was released before the space probe Voyager 2 It was launched in 1977 and flies over it Uranus And Neptune.

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