Season of Love | Trans Mountain has developed a gap due to migratory birds

(Vancouver) The federal Environment Department has ordered a suspension of construction of a small portion of the Trans Mountain pipeline until the nesting season ends in a forest in Burnaby, British Columbia.

The Canadian Press

The ministry said the order was issued after an officer visited the construction site. Complaints have reported about nests of Anna hummingbirds and other migratory birds damaged due to expansion of the structure works, which the Canadian government has owned since 2018.

Environment Canada agrees that bird nests in this area can be disrupted by removing work with bulldozers, chainsaws, and other heavy machinery. Therefore, the Ministry demands that this work be suspended until August 20 in a restricted area of ​​the pipeline.

Trans Mountain confirmed that the same applies to an area of ​​900 meters near the Samara River throughout the nesting period.

Anna hummingbirds and other bird species that live in the area, such as songbirds, pine birds, blackbirds, and blackbirds, are protected under the Convention Act 1994. Migratory birds.

Trans Mountain said in a statement that the company “seeks to conduct ground clearance activities” outside the nesting periods of migratory birds, but that this is not always possible.

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