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Thomas Pisquet amused netizens by revealing a photo of Crew Dragon toilets

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What does the bathroom look like in a Crew Dragon capsule and how can you enjoy a moment of privacy? This is what was revealed Thomas Pesquet In a recent tweet that aroused the curiosity and amusement of internet users.

French astronaut Thomas Pesquet, who has been installed well on the International Space Station since Saturday, has begun sharing his memories of a long journey that will take six months and is very connected to social networks.

We start with this important detail: after leaving the capsule that carried him on board Space station, The astronaut wanted to share a shot of the little angle from the Crew Dragon. Remember that the four crew members on board the missile remained inside the missile for more than 24 hours.

Thus we can see toilets that are not subject to the laws of gravity, as they can only be accessed once in the absence of gravity. “A simple curtain for privacy” (…) “But the view is breathtaking” Laughs Thomas Pesquet who does not go into the technical details of these high-tech toilets.

The French astronaut just took over his headquarters inside the International Space Station. Called Alpha or Crew-2, This mission will enable nearly 200 scientific experiments to be conducted, mainly in the medical field. The goal is also to prepare for future missions, particularly with the goal of transporting humans to the moon and Mars.

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