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Sébastien Delorme appeared in the daily Indéfendable on TVA

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Sebastien Delorme will be the star of the daily news Undefensible, which will be broadcast next fall on TVA.

The channel has been seeking for several years to bring a daily story on air and it is Pixcom, in collaboration with Quebecor Content, that produced this new forensic series based on the original idea of ​​criminal attorney Richard Dubey.

Designer and producer Isabelle Chevrier is leading the project with lead author Nadine Bismuth, who heads up a group of authors as Pixcom already does with the series. alerts, also broadcast on TVA.

At the moment, the number of episodes, the time interval and the rest of the castUndefensible Not yet announced.

However, the series will be broadcast from Monday to Thursday. In a few weeks, we should find out who’s around attorney Leo MacDonald (Sebastien Delorme) at the law firm of La Pointe MacDonald.

Sebastien Delorme, who knows the mechanics of everyday life well after playing five seasons in it District 31He describes his character as a “charismatic” man.

He is an excellent lawyer. […] he gamblerBut at the same time, he’d never lie,” said the comedian, who has 16 episodes to start taming his role.

Charles Laforton, Executive Producer of Pixcom, believes in this journaling deeply.

“It is a project that has been worked on for several years. Mi Richard Dube is one of the greatest criminal lawyers in Quebec. He is often in the media, asked for his opinion as in the Camara case. He is interviewed on the series custom killers This is what we did for Eleco Club. He and Isabel wanted to make a legal chain on the defense side. Overall, the legal chain is The Crown, we want to defend the widow and orphan, I found it very interesting that they came up with this project. You rarely see it on TV,” he said.

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in a Undefensible, the viewer will find himself in the role of a jury, which must decide between right and wrong.

“You have to go beyond appearances, often, to find the real story behind it. You have the point of view of the accused, the victim, the witnesses and the jurors, and there you have to make your point with the evidence,” said Sebastien Delorme.

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