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SFM community network becomes rural

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It has been a long time since the Community Network team, when we introduce ourselves and explain ourselves, say: “We are the SFM in the rural area., launches a rural manager in Francophone Society of Manitoba, interview by Jan Poissonault in l’Actuel.

He explains that with the arrival of organizations such as the Compassionate Network and the Francophone Immigration Network, questions about identity have arisen.

We told ourselves that now was the time to ditch the Community Network name and switch to truly rural SFM. Promote the SFM brand, show it to everyone and there is no confusionBoissonneault explains.

The community network and its logo have been around since 1993

Photo: Société de la francophonie manitobaine

The process of redesigning the image began in 2019 and Francophone Society of Manitoba She joined forces with Deschenes Regnier on this project.

Although the name has changed, the mandate and performance remain the same for the organization created in 1993.

The Francophone Society of Manitoba Rural au’s mission is to promote the development of every Francophone community in Manitoba and forge stronger links with the Francophone in rural areas.

To do this, manager Francophone Society of Manitoba au rif explains that the organization is currently working on relocation, staffing, and integration projects for newcomers.

Franco-Manitoban is currently updating its website to include information about its rural representative. The site will be ready in the new year.

Yann Boissonneault says the organization recently held dinner meetings in Saint-Lazare, Saint-Léon and Sainte-Rose-du-Lac. At this dinner, participants were able to talk about their challenges.

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For them, distance and lack of services are their biggest challenges. [Il y a] Lack of job opportunities, then how to attract other French-speaking families. We are witnessing the migration of French-speaking families, you call – t-il.

Although the epidemic is slowing down in many projects in Francophone Society of Manitoba In rural areas, Mr. Boissonneault is nevertheless pleased that this downtime has made it possible to assess and identify the needs of Manitoba’s French-speaking communities away from the urban context.

With information from Jeremy Lannell

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