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Shawinigan files for Arctic Beluga bankruptcy

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Resented by numerous petitions that went unheeded and debts exceeding $ 500,000 in unpaid taxes, Shawinigan filed for bankruptcy in Arctic Béluga.

Disagreements with this company are accumulating, especially because of its failure to file for the assumption of responsibility for the old Belago land. Without news for seven years, Mayor Michel Angers said he had no other choice but to think of strong approach without having any illusions about the possibility of a refund of the unpaid amounts.

The comedy will last long enough. We’ll proceed to ensure that if the company has assets somewhere it pays, if not, it goes bankrupt.

Quote from:Michel Angers, Mayor of Shawinigan

The company had until April 28 to file a petition to address the city’s request. According to the correct form, Arctic Béluga did not provide any response to the court. A judge is expected to rule on the case and rule for bankruptcy from May 5.

The Chief Justice is well aware that the city will not recover the unpaid amounts, as the regional ministries will have priority. They had to spend large sums, especially to clear the ancient land of Belugu, deserted by the Beluga Arctic.

It is a matter of transparency with the citizens. People should know that this company only took the metal there to resell it and that it would never pay its bills., Related to Michel Angers.

At the end of the operation, the mayor hopes that the city will be able to restore the former Belgo grounds to beautifully improve it, as it did with the land of the former paper mill in the Grand-Mère sector.

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