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Certain. Biden will run for president again, and he will be 82 years old

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Alan Binder
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Every generation at a time had to defend democracy. To build the foundation of freedom. “I’m convinced that’s the way it is,” said the 80-year-old Democratic politician.

The question we’re asking is whether in five years we’ll have more freedom or am I, things first, or am I the president in my one-minute video.

He announced his new candidacy exactly three years after he entered the campaign trail before the last presidential election. At the time, his campaign video included Passport on the bloody far-right protest in Virginia, and so this time Biden is throwing water at what he wants to clearly set himself against.

The video includes footage of the early congressional invasion of Trump supporters, then calls attention to restrictive measures by US Republicans regarding access to abortion, filled with noise even in elections.

Biden said extremists across the country (short for Trump’s Make America Great Again slogan, note TK) are uniting to attack these fundamental freedoms. When I ran for president all those years ago, I said we were in a fight for the soul of America. Still pushing, keep going.

Biden has stated repeatedly that he will take some kind of career analogy. However, according to the chancellor, he did not hurry with the official announcement, because he did not face strong opposition within his own party.

In the Democratic primary, the White House will now go to Robert Kennedy, nephew of former President John F. Kennedy, and writer Marian Williamson.

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Biden could face Trump again for a fifth year in November, who polls currently favor for the Republican nomination. Meanwhile, his party’s incumbent Blho domu has yet to go to other contenders, according to the AP, and thus has a smooth path to re-nomination.

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