Sins Of A Solar Empire 2: A sequel to be made… – PC, Stardock, Ironclad Games – News

We don’t talk to you about the sins of a solar empire anymore Since 2011Thus we will present a reminder shot of a new panda that she would have missed while being a fan of the genre. Strategy video game Released in 2008 he is 4X, i.e. a title in which we control an empire and whose approach is based on four principles, exploration, expansion, exploitation and annihilation, and this is in space in our case. Since then, the follow-up has been perfect, even the last downloadable content dates back to 2018, which means the longevity of Sins Of A Solar Empire.

But reading the title, like smart guys, you’re already exhausted as to why I’m telling you this. Apparently, a sequel to this game has just been announced and soberly called Sins Of A Solar Empire 2. Thus you will find three races, Vasaris, humans emerging in TEC and Advents, and each of them will necessarily have its own different characteristics, advantages, and characteristics that offer it. The planets and their satellites will monitor the period of their revolution, which will be taken into account for attack strategies. Ironclad Games promises us a full range of customizations and constructions and take on up to ten players or bots online until we end up taking over our vast space empire.

Sins Of A Solar Empire 2 should normally be set in the year 2023, but the Early Access release date has been set for October 27, 2022 on PC.

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