This mod allows Titanfall 2 players to create their own custom servers

Despite a particularly positive critical reception, Titanfall 2 Leave his fans legacy Very sad: a multiplayer game that is almost unusable. hacks And Attacks DDoS It made multiplayer games almost impossible, which caused the despair of players who gradually migrated elsewhere.

But this is now a thing of the past! the mood north star It allows players to create their own dedicated servers, for added security. This decentralization of the network will force any hackers to track down lip From a single game host, which makes any attack more sensitive.

Northstar allows you to use the basic version of the game but also texts And assets depends on the request, in order to get the content you want.

On Reddit, the reception for this new situation was rather warm :

However, it will not be necessary to launch Titanfall 2 from the operator Origin, a conflict is likely to be created. Installation instructions are fairly straightforward, and can be found at github ; in a some MinutesNorthstar can be launched and configured!

We imagine that in the future, Entertainment Repost And electronic arts Develop a more resilient server infrastructure…or not. because Titanfall 3 Not planned nowAnd Apex Legends already appears to be running on a good and lasting foundation. However, Northstar offers a file Secondly life to multiplayer from Titanfall 2Which is not bad per se!

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