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Skull & Bones: Ubisoft’s Pirate Game due for re-release in July | Xbox One

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After so many years of absence, it seems like it’s finally time for us to find out what happened skull bones. It should arrive next month.

Late 2022 release for Skull & Bones?

Take out the mainsail and slither into the wind, so Ubisoft should once again reveal its hacking game next month. At least that’s what journalist Tom Henderson says, adding that it should to reach During the week of July 4th, less than two weeks from now.

When we look at the previous scoops of the person in question, it is very likely that that person is telling the truth again. According to him, Ubisoft was planning to introduce the gameplay of the game, share new details about it, but above all to announce the release date. Remember in passing it Skull & Bones is rated in Brazil Just a few days ago, an indication that the exit isn’t really far away.

Postponed a few times, Skull & Bones has changed a lot since then We tested it at E3 2018And the April’s Big Leak It has already given us many clues about him.

The reputation system and central hub with merchants, contracts, boat improvements, and other boat improvements were in the program for what was initially just a massive naval battle. With the potential to disembark on foot in the Caribbean islands, Skull & Bones should impress a much wider audience. Release at the end of 2022? See you in early July to find out.

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