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Snowbirds are unable to recognize their vaccines

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Many snowbirds vaccinated in the United States in recent weeks have difficulty recognizing their injection by public health once they return home.

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This is especially the case with Claire Putin, who is from Quebec and has spent winters in Florida for the past 10 years.

Thus, the latter received two doses of the Moderna vaccine this winter, benefiting from maximum immunity. However, when she returned to Quebec last week, Claire Putin was unable to register her injection and thus obtain the status of the vaccinated person.

Québécoise attempted to register on the Public Health website, by contacting its CLSC and by doubling the procedures, but without success. However, the snowbird confirmed that he was very affected by this situation, as he wanted to feel that he was participating in the war effort.

“Our governments have told us that when there are 75% who have received one dose and 20% have received two doses, that is only we can proceed with the launch procedures. Since I have received the two doses, I would like to be a fraction of 20% so that the decision makers have the exact numbers,” she explained Sunday to TVA Nouvelles.

And you won’t be the only one in this situation, other snowbirds also have a hard time getting to know their status.

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Linda Lankott joined her home in Deerfield Beach, Florida, as she plans to return to Quebec on Friday. However, she is concerned about the failures surrounding the registration of people who have been vaccinated.

She explained, “This causes us some concern, because I will have a lot of steps to take to register this vaccination.”

Lankott says she received two doses from Pfizer earlier this year and is keen to add them to the list of people with the most protection from the virus.

“Snowbirds like me that took two doses, I think should be written down somewhere.”

The Ministry of Health confirmed that it is aware of the situation.

Marjorie Cote Boileau, press secretary to the Minister of Health and Social Services, wrote in an email to TVA Nouvelles.

She added, “I confirm that work is currently underway at the Ministry of Health for this purpose,” without specifying a timetable.

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