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In this period of the epidemic, gardening is common!

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Alan Binder
Alan Binder
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Throughout Quebec, many budding gardeners are discovering a new passion.

This is the case in Sept-les where Virginie Provost decided to fight the graying and loneliness imposed by the health crisis. We went to look for materials on the left and on the right to build our little paradise on Earthas you say.

Once I get a break, I go into the greenhouse and prick my plants. Just get my hands dirty, I really feel alive!

Quote from:Virginie Provost, a horticulturist fanatic

Mrs. Provost isn’t the only one to turn to gardening to pass the time. Québec Vert’s Deputy General Manager, Natalie Dechin, notes that according to her data, this is a real frenzy.

This year (…) 25% of the participants want to buy more plant products, and 42% more gardening supplies will be purchased.

Quote from:Natalie Dechin, Deputy General Manager, Québec Vert

So much so, that nurseries are struggling to meet demand. At least that’s what Linda Bernard, vice president of the Menjani Horticultural Association, says. There is 10 times more demand in nurseries and seed companies compared to previous years!, she believes.

Horticulture has always existed in Mingani. But since the pandemic, we’ve seen a sudden increase

Quote from:Linda Bernard, Vice President of the Mingani Horticultural Association

Pandemic or not, for budding gardeners, the summer season promises to be good … with or without Mother Nature’s help.

With information from Lambert Janney Colombian

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