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So Spotify HiFi missed 2021, despite the initial promise

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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Spotify won’t keep its promise to introduce HiFi in 2021. We felt it was coming Few days ago and it was confirmed on this last day of the year.

Not Spotify HiFi in 2021

Spotify announced its HiFi show last February. The group was somewhat vague about the medium itself, but it still announced a release date: 2021. The streaming service also promised that it would share new information over the months. But months have passed and no new details have been received. Worse yet: it was complete radio silence.

One theory circulating among some people (which it likely is) is that the problem lies with Apple Music and Amazon Music. the first have suggested Lossless show (equivalent to what Spotify plans to release) in June. feature? It is included in the basic offer, and there is no additional cost. Amazon Music responded and also included the best sound quality without offering a separate show.

Perhaps this is a step Spotify didn’t expect to come: delivering better sound quality without making subscribers spend more. Consequently, the service may have had to review its entire plans and especially discussions with record companies. All this could explain the delay…or not. We can imagine Spotify could have come to an agreement since June.

Recently, the German site golem He would have had a brief reaction from Spotify on the HiFi show. The group was mysterious, citing the launch “indefinitely postponed” Without further details.

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