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What were the hospitalization levels in previous waves?

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  • As of December 30, there are 206,243 new cases of Covid-19 in 24 hours in France, according to data from Public Health France.
  • The Omicron variant is now the majority in France.
  • By December 28, 78.7% of the total population had received a full primary vaccination.

On December 6, the Prime Minister warned of the escalation of the coronavirus epidemic. “The virus is spreading in all regions and in all population groups. Our hospitals are starting to come under pressure, even though teams have been hit hard by nearly two years of fighting against Covid,” Jan Castex said duringPress Conference.

“If the number of cases is too high again, the situation will not be the same as it was a year ago. The French have vaccinated on a large scale – this is the case of 52 million of us – and that has changed the situation. Without vaccination, our hospitals would already be at saturation levels equivalent to What we experienced during the first wave. We are far from that,” I have developed.

19,056 new hospitalizations during the peak of the first wave

As a reminder, the first wave of Covid-19 occurred from March to May 2020. Since the beginning of April, the number of infections and hospitalizations has continued to rise. according to Public Health France data published on April 16, 2020, 19,056 patients were admitted to a health institution due to infection with MERS-CoV during the peak of the first wave, between April 6-10, 2020. During this period, the number of new admissions to the intensive care unit of Covid patients was estimated at 2,753.

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Second wave: 17,390 hospitalizations

A few weeks after the start of the school year in September 2020, the second wave of the pandemic occurred. The latter reached its peak between 12 and 19 November. During this week, 17,390 new admissions to hospital and 2,761 new admissions to intensive care were recorded public health France. After this increase in cases and hospitalizations, the epidemic has been declining.

The third wave: 31,147 hospitalizations

The Covid-19 epidemic started to rise again from March to April 2021. “The number of people hospitalized remained at a high level, with 31,147 people hospitalized on April 20 (versus 31,287 on April 13) including 6,000 patients in critical care (versus 5969),” We can read on the site French health authority, who indicated that hospital pressure is still on the rise across the country.

Fourth wave: 11,127 hospitalizations

The fourth wave appeared this summer. It reached its peak in mid-August. “At the hospital level, indicators continued to rise, with 6,154 new hospital admissions and 1,348 new admissions for critical care. The number of COVID-19 patients during hospitalization reached 11,127 from August 16 to 22, of whom 2,234 are in critical care services,” He has detailed public health in France in Its epidemiological update was published on August 26.

Fifth wave: 8,079 people hospitalized from December 20 to 26

As of December 26, there were 8,079 new hospital admissions. In its epidemiological update published on December 16, the French public health authority indicated that this fifth wave, which began in November, was different from the others.“The infection rate has increased sharply and exceeded the level reached in previous waves. However, hospital indications are much lower than those observed in waves 2 and 3, when vaccines were not available. They are still widely available. , it must be remembered that tensions in hospitals are still very present, with the spread of the White Plan in several regions “Can we read? press release.

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